Jorge has certainly achieved a unique way of arranging/covering great hits. In a very distinguishable way that has made Patax recognized worldwide, Jorge has taken to his own way of understanding music, a big collection of unforgettable songs such as Billie Jean, Man In the Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Black Or White, Bad, They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson, Jump (Van Hallen), Nothing Compares and Kiss (By prince), Eleanor Rigby, Imagine and Yellow Submarine (By The Beatles) Star Spangled Banner (Usa American Anthem), Game Of Thrones sound track, Higher Ground (By Stevie Wonder), Carmen (By George Bizet), Volver (By Carlos Gardel ), Like a Prayer (Madona), I Just WanTt To Make Love To You (Etta James) y Do Do Do, Da Da Da (The Police) among others. 

As Jorge explains, "the original songs are a trigger to my inspiration. Whatever happens with them later, its not only my fault"