Patáx Plays Michael

(2013) is a tribute to Michael Jackson musical legacy. The video of Patax´s arrangement of Man In The Mirror, included in the previous album "Live From Infinity", caught the attention of Mexican psychologist and former Michael Jackson´s dancer Hugo Harrel who got in contact with Jorge to propose the idea of making this tribute. Universal hits such as Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean and Black Or White among others, where arranged by Jorge for this album, which lead to a beautiful collection of self produced videos that have been viewed by millions of people worldwide.

PATAX Tribute to Michael Jackson, TRAILER



A Night to Remember

(2015) is a crucial album in the history of Patax. Recorded on a fall night at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid, Jorge proved to himself that all the previous work had made a real impact in people. A full theater witnessed the suden adulthood of this project. No promoters, no management office and no main stream media helped. Just Patax with their own tools, making a statement and recording an incredible live album and DVD. The album Showcases vocalists Alana Sinkey and Paula Dominguez.

PATAX - A Night To Remember (Trailer)


Putting Pepper on it recorded on January 1st 2019 is the result of a little concert at the disappeared Bogui, in Madrid. The idea was capturing the essence of what a Patax concert in a jazz club is. This album is the first one where the main vocalist is not Alana Sinkey but Pepa Solana (Lady Pepper). The little acoustic format (just rhythm section plus backing vocals and sax) gives a completely new approach to a great collection of originals plus a few Patax-type covers, and proves that the essence of Patax is indifferent to the bands format and lineup.

PATAX - One Of These Days acoustic.